Suzuki T500

I've had this bike for about four years, I wanted to go through it and make it a cafe bike but don't have the time or money to do what I would like with it.

I never transferred the title to my name (the old title is pretty cool looking, might be original owner). The bike runs but currently does not hold an idle, runs lean and better with the choke (enricher) on.

I went through the engine and replaced all the seals except for the inner crankcase seals (two, one left, one right) as I did not want to separate the crankshaft. I did not replace any bearings but they seemed fine. While it was apart I also added the oil dam to the crankcase, you would now fill the the the crankcase with oil and add 200cc. There is a technical bulletin on the older T500's for this issue. I have pics of the oil dam in place along with a pic of the tranny, the gears are in fantastic shape. The engine is standard bore and could be re-bored several times in the future when needed.

The good.
  • New tires.
  • New bolts for covers.
  • New gaskets.
  • New seals except for inner crankshaft seals (never split the crank).
  • Engine and frame numbers match.
  • Oil dam installed (now 1400cc for engine oil instead of 1200cc).
  • Brakes, clutch, trans are all fine.
  • All electrics work (turn signals, horn etc...).
  • Orignal standard bore.
  • Klotz oil for injection system.

The bad.
  • Battery is old but works.
  • Boot from carbs to aircleaner needs to be replaced (but is functional).
  • Need badges on side cover and oil tank.

The ugly.
  • Needs a good paint job and cleanup (paint is very bad).
  • Right mirror is cracked.
  • Chip in left head fin.
  • Front fender has some dents.
  • Side oil tank has a dent.